Day 3 – Temple at Ueno

12 06 2008

Everyday commute to the main hub.

Stairs to temple at Ueno.

Entrance to Temple

On another note, things I’ve learned so far.
-People hardly drink water here. When they do, they buy these bottles which are identical to drinks.

-American fast food restaurants here actually taste ten times better (just expect smaller portions)

-You can’t take pictures inside arcades,stores, etc.

-Having comfortable shoes is important for all the walking (no, I’m serious!)

-If you a white girl and happen to be dressed(going to school in Japan) with a school uniform people will literally stare at you and make all weird faces.

There a ton more (every minute you learn something new here you didn’t expect).





3 responses

12 06 2008

Do people leave their manga behind in the train? I saw somewhere that they leave it like people do with newspapers.

13 06 2008

I’ve seen some mangas left in the upper shelfs so my guess is they do leave them behind.

14 06 2008

Just wanted to comfirm that yes, mangas are left behind just like newspapers hehe.

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