Day 4 – Ikebukuro

14 06 2008

Exiting Ikebukuro Station

A quick stop at KFC (owns NY’s KFC)

Now that I’m full, a stop at the arcade.

This is what happens when you try to take a picture inside an arcade. 1 UFO catcher and 20 dollars later I got the damn plushie Louisa (this thing is not easy at all!).




3 responses

14 06 2008
chopstick walrus

how much was a game of ufo? its like 33cents in taiwan lol
and is that a pic of an employee trying to block u from taking pics? XD

14 06 2008
chopstick walrus

u should do a couple video blogs 😀

14 06 2008

They 100¥ (so roughly a dollar).
In that pic I was trying to take a pic of this cool cell phone strap in that UFO catcher thats hilarious and then you seen what happen (you can’t take pictures inside most places here).

As for the video blog I’ve recorded lots of stuff however, it takes a long time to download and upload this stuff (from camera to computer, from computer to youtube etc.). However, once I get back to New York I will upload all this stuff.

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