Day 6 – Roppongi Hills

14 06 2008

Here is my not so favorite “Roppongi Hills”

This is Gonpachi, the Restaurant where they shot the “Kill Bill” fight scene (more like slaugther cene hehe)

Was able to sneak-in a shot!





3 responses

15 06 2008

not favorite? whats bad about it? tells us a little more detail about the place and why you went there to do?

15 06 2008

and can we see a shot of the people you staying with too? misete kudasai?

15 06 2008

I will post some pics later on (I took some today however, it was with their camera).

As for Roppongi, the place just isn’t for me. I only hung out for a bit as I just wasn’t feeling the vibe. The restaurant was probably the best thing about it. The place is full of foreigners (not sure why but foreigners here stay away from each other as much as possible, they never speak to others etc.). Then again is probably the society (in the trains you dont even hear a whisper).

Overall the place is just full of big f’ng buildings and thats about it (but hey enlighten me if you know what places to go there, so maybe I could change my mind about it).


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