Day 8 – Decided to Stay Home/Around The Neighborhood

17 06 2008

I think after 7-8 days of non-stop walking, trains, shopping, etc. is time I take a break (I think I also caught a cold since everyone is sneezing around me and it appears no one here has heard of Hand Sanatizers, I have looked at dozens of shops and asked and everyone is like “whats that? Soap?” hehe). On another note, someone give me a call, I think I’m loosing my English hahah.

So here are some pics of the house.

Heheh, bag of Ghibli museum :p

The room with the full garbage bin is my room hehe

I like this shot, it looks scary at night. (To the roof)

Me being serious (trying to recreate one of those old fashion Japanese historical dramas. Guess I’m missing the pony tail :p)

First Floor Coming Soon!

What I have Learned So Far (Part 2):
-All packages seem to have some elaborate instructions of how to open them. (and I don’t mean just おにぎり)

-The myth of walking and eating being rude is apparently not true. My friend himself eats walking all the time.
(Heck I even caught a quick sneek-shot at a guy in the train, reading a magazine, eating, and drinking beer all at the same time)

-Earthquakes are supper common. 2 days don’t past when you haven’t felt one.

-The Akihabara tragedy is still all over the news and magazines (7 killed, 10 Injured in 2 minutes 😦

-If due to your suicide at the train station, the train needs to stop, your family has to pay a huge fee/fine for slowing down the trains (these trains are punctual to like +/- 5 seconds)

-Having a lot of muscles is actually considered gay X-X. The more feminine the guy looks the sexier he is considered. As for the girls, school uniform seem to be the guys weakness around here.





4 responses

17 06 2008

the house is just what i expected a typical japanese house would look like lol with the floor thing and the doors lol The looks similar to the one in the movie Grudge though lol but i am sure theres no dead spirits around though lol

I heard that japanese only carry their hankerchiefs and maybe also the hundreds of tissues that they give out for free. lol

17 06 2008

o yea 1 more thing why does the place looks empty? i m guessing japanese people dont like to put pictures and decorations on walls?

17 06 2008

Seriously! There is free tissue paper all over the place however, thats not going to prevent the cold much.

As for being empty, there is more stuff on the other side of the room however, is a monument for the dead so I wanted to respect them and not take a picture of it.

The first floor has more stuff though as thats the living room, kitchen etc.


1 07 2008

AHhh omg that’s so cool haha I love your last look awesome XD

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