Day 10 – Akihabara

19 06 2008

The first thing I noticed coming out of Akihabara station was the not so typical crowd (after the Akihabara tragedy things have changed a lot in the area, and the signs, posters, and memorials are there to remind you). I spotted an undercover cop asking one of the street/maid girls something.

However, nothing can totally change Akihabara and after a few minutes the maid girls were all over handing out flyers. Sadly, photography is once again not allowed in these places however, Kin here are some pictures of some of them in the place I went. Furthermore, is actually really cheap! The cofee was actually amazing, and so were the waffles! Overall, I can’t say is the coolest place I’ve been, nor super amazing however, it was interesting and different plus I can’t complain as the food was really that good.

Basic Rules:
Do not record/take photos.
Do no touch!
Order at least every one hour.
You can dress up as one of the maids. (As crazy as it sounds, I actually overheard the guys next to me tell the maid he wanted to dress up like her X-X)





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20 06 2008

LOL did you play games with the maids? they have games u noe? lol did any of them feed you or call you master? lol the girl in the first maid pic is mad cute…i wonder if they were that cute in the actual place though…lol what do you think?

20 06 2008

That same girl wasn’t there at the time however, there were some cuties (keep in mind though, you can’t go touching and stuff, is against the rules). As for the games, thats another type of place which I think you would find a lote more interesting (is basically a girls dorm, everyone dressed in pajamas and you play games etc.). Like I told ya, is not exactly my thing but you definitely will like it since after all you were the one with the idea. If you know of better places, then by all means go ahead and tell me, maybe the one I went isnt as amazing as the one you know off.

21 06 2008

Hey Enrique!

It looks like you’re having a great time~
Hmmm, so u finally ended up at the maid cafe ^^
What’s the girl doing lifting the skirt?
What r the 2 girls against the wall doing???
Love the blog, great pictures!

21 06 2008

Hey! Was wondering where you were!
Yeah, I ended up in a maid cafe after all (had to for Kin hehe).
As for the girl lifting the skirt, she just a regular girl who went to the maid cafe and her friend asked her to put the outfit/costume on. The two girls against the wall, are actually against the entrance of the place (pink door) and just acting funny/retarded/stupid (whatever you might call it heheh).

Glad you like the blog.


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