Day 9 – Hakone

19 06 2008

Decided to wake up really early and go by car to Hakone.
After stopping by the nearest KFC (keep in mind theres none in Hakone, so it was the nearest city) we headed out to Owakudani. 30 minutes before reaching the place you could already smell the insane rotten egg smell (for Japanese it reminds them of “onsen’s”, to me is rotten eggs hehe).

The coolest (or ironic) part of the place is, the climb to the top to get boiled eggs which have been cooked in the sulfur water, said to increase your live span (I guess that is if you get out of there quick enough to eat it cause SO2 kills people hehe).

Here are some of the pictures from the trip.

On my way to Hakone

Got hungry, so we stopped by a fancy Japanese restaurant.

Climb to Owakudani.

This one was actually translated to a bunch of languages.

Dare you to put your hands in it!

Lets make some eggs!

Done, and ready to eat!

Nothing says yummy like a black sulfur egg!

Trying to keep my eyes open with all the sulfur around (it burns!)





2 responses

20 06 2008

it looks similar to chinese 100 year old duck eggs. What did it taste like? Are you bringing back 1 for us to taste?

20 06 2008

Taste AMAZING! (Best hard boiled egg I ever had)]
However, how on earth can I bring that back lol.
Eggs shouldn’t be out for too long as is dangerous + U.S. customs wont allow you to bring food like that into the states anyways. Also, it takes more than 3 and half hour each way to get one of those eggs (is near Mount Fuji).


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