Nothing Much

6 07 2008

So I haven’t been updating/keeping ya guys up to date for the past few days simply cause I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.

I got a hair cut at Hayato NY (famous salon here in Tokyo) and I totally did not like it (you would think 7,000¥ for a basic hair cut would be amazing). They cut it too short for my taste.

I’ve also been hooked on the arcade for the past 2 day.

Also, I’ve been visiting more restaurants, cafe’s, and dessert shops.
I would also like to mention that for anyone who likes sweets, icecream, etc. you must visit Jiyugaoka, and go to “Sweets Forest” and buy yourself at “Mixn-Mixreams” their icecream mixes on top of a waffle. I wish I could bring this back to New York somehow, is that good.
Check their site out:

Also check out Sweets Forest which also has many shops (all sweets of course) and a beautiful setting/environment:

Things I’ve learned so far (Part 4)
-Supposedly drinking an entire bottle of soy sauce actually kills you.

-Do not open a pill/capsule! (I opened a benadryl capsule to only take half, and my entire mouth/tounge/lips etc. got numb. It felt just like a dentist anesthetic shot).

-Japanese summers are extremely hot (Puerto Rico’s temperature is higher, but here is more humid).





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