Day 14 – Food

27 06 2008

So ok, it was time to venture out and try some more restaurants (I’ve been surviving on KFC due to my allergy). Note: I will probably write down a list of all the restaurants and went to in the future.

Lets start things off with Krispy Kreme. You may be asking, “What! Krispy Kreme?” Yes, Krispy Kreme is super popular here (they taste slightly better though). I was lucky the line was only 30 minutes and not the typical 1 and half hour line.

The one and only, sumileTokyo.

Yum, Yum, Yum!

Things I’ve Learned So Far (Part 3):
-Trains are always on time/punctual. In fact you could set your cell phone/watch to them (I kid you not).

-It appears almost every package out there has some explanation and step by step guide of how they should be open.

-Garbage cans are literally non-existant. Yet the ironic part is the streets are litter free and very clean.


Day 13 – Kawagoe

27 06 2008

Decided to visit Kawagoe (Little Edo) to get more of the old Japan vibe. The moment one starts walking down some of Kawagoe’s streets you emediately feel like you returned to the past. The houses, the streets, the food, everything is from the Edo era. (a pity some streets allow cars to come in ruining the vibe however, it was still amazing). While pictures say a thousand words, this is a place were pictures could never express the vibe nor beauty of the town.

Walking to Kawagoe

For fans of traditional Japanese sweets/candy Kawagoe is like heaven.

If only cars couldn’t enter.

Had to take a picture! This house looks pretty American.

Thats more like it, back to normal.

Day 12 – Honmonji

21 06 2008

Well, after partying last night and coming home super late (or should I say early?) I had a crazy knee pain (I hit myself with something) and today I woke up with pain and limping. However, I wasn’t going to stay inside the house the entire day, but I still didn’t want to wonder too far. Therefore, I went to 本門寺. Being is 10-12 minutes by car from where I’m staying I was able to go to many of the temples in the area (theres like a small temple every 2-3 blocks). Here are some pictures (you can find more about it online or videos if interested as they even had a special today on TV about it).

With a knee pain, these stairs seem endless!


Day 11 – Back to Roppongi

21 06 2008

Ok, so I’ve been to roppongi during the day and as some of you may know I didn’t really like it. However, Roppongi at night is a whole other deal! One can say the entire city changes at night. Other than the insane amount of がいじん and the 100’s of Nigerian guys telling you “come come happy hour” or “are you looking for a dance club or a strip club?” the place is quite nice. After going to Outbacks and walking around for 2 hours or so, I ended up going with 4 friends to a dance club. Now, you guys know me, I don’t like drinking however, dancing is a whole other deal. So in less than 10 minutes I was in the main stage hehe. I took a few quick snap shots while I was taking a break (note:keep in mind this club was packed, had the strobe lights going, and had gas clouds all over so I’m amaze they even came out hehe).

Ones on the left were not Japanese (I think they were Brazillian)

Check out white boy getting his groove on!


Day 8 – Decided to Stay Home/Around The Neighborhood

17 06 2008

I think after 7-8 days of non-stop walking, trains, shopping, etc. is time I take a break (I think I also caught a cold since everyone is sneezing around me and it appears no one here has heard of Hand Sanatizers, I have looked at dozens of shops and asked and everyone is like “whats that? Soap?” hehe). On another note, someone give me a call, I think I’m loosing my English hahah.

So here are some pics of the house.

Heheh, bag of Ghibli museum :p

The room with the full garbage bin is my room hehe

I like this shot, it looks scary at night. (To the roof)

Me being serious (trying to recreate one of those old fashion Japanese historical dramas. Guess I’m missing the pony tail :p)

First Floor Coming Soon!

What I have Learned So Far (Part 2):
-All packages seem to have some elaborate instructions of how to open them. (and I don’t mean just おにぎり)

-The myth of walking and eating being rude is apparently not true. My friend himself eats walking all the time.
(Heck I even caught a quick sneek-shot at a guy in the train, reading a magazine, eating, and drinking beer all at the same time)

-Earthquakes are supper common. 2 days don’t past when you haven’t felt one.

-The Akihabara tragedy is still all over the news and magazines (7 killed, 10 Injured in 2 minutes 😦

-If due to your suicide at the train station, the train needs to stop, your family has to pay a huge fee/fine for slowing down the trains (these trains are punctual to like +/- 5 seconds)

-Having a lot of muscles is actually considered gay X-X. The more feminine the guy looks the sexier he is considered. As for the girls, school uniform seem to be the guys weakness around here.


Day 6 – Roppongi Hills

14 06 2008

Here is my not so favorite “Roppongi Hills”

This is Gonpachi, the Restaurant where they shot the “Kill Bill” fight scene (more like slaugther cene hehe)

Was able to sneak-in a shot!


Day 5 – Mitaka City

14 06 2008

Interesting shot while walking to catch the train to Mitaka. Note:The car is a “Smart” for those who were going to ask.

Let the walking begin! Walk through Inokashira Park to get to Ghibli Museum.

(Shot dedicated to my mom and dad, I know they will like this)

Finally reach Ghibli Museum


Managed to capture inside (no photography allowed + pitch black)