Back In New York

11 07 2008

So, I’m back in New York.
My flight was pretty good however, guess what was the first thing they served during the flight… Yep, you guessed it, shrimp! I could have swore that most airlines avoided allergy causing foods due to some past incidents, but I guess I was wrong.

While I spent a rather short time in Japan I can say it really grew on me. I have come to like Japan more than I had ever expected. Japan felt like home 揺れるハート
Note: Now I can see how dirty New York really is hehe.



Day 14 – Food

27 06 2008

So ok, it was time to venture out and try some more restaurants (I’ve been surviving on KFC due to my allergy). Note: I will probably write down a list of all the restaurants and went to in the future.

Lets start things off with Krispy Kreme. You may be asking, “What! Krispy Kreme?” Yes, Krispy Kreme is super popular here (they taste slightly better though). I was lucky the line was only 30 minutes and not the typical 1 and half hour line.

The one and only, sumileTokyo.

Yum, Yum, Yum!

Things I’ve Learned So Far (Part 3):
-Trains are always on time/punctual. In fact you could set your cell phone/watch to them (I kid you not).

-It appears almost every package out there has some explanation and step by step guide of how they should be open.

-Garbage cans are literally non-existant. Yet the ironic part is the streets are litter free and very clean.

Manneken Waffles!

17 06 2008

Totally random post however, I just have to say Manneken waffles own!
Never tasted something quite like it. Their cocoa waffle is pretty much crack.


Day 6 – Roppongi Hills

14 06 2008

Here is my not so favorite “Roppongi Hills”

This is Gonpachi, the Restaurant where they shot the “Kill Bill” fight scene (more like slaugther cene hehe)

Was able to sneak-in a shot!


Day 4 (continued) – Ikebukuro East and West

14 06 2008

Walking to Sunshine Building

Almost There


Had to touch it to make sure it was fake.

Lets head to West Ikebukuro

For those who seen Ikebukuro West Gate Park this will bring some memories.

Makoto’s Town!

Just like the drama.


Day 3 – Temple at Ueno

12 06 2008

Everyday commute to the main hub.

Stairs to temple at Ueno.

Entrance to Temple

On another note, things I’ve learned so far.
-People hardly drink water here. When they do, they buy these bottles which are identical to drinks.

-American fast food restaurants here actually taste ten times better (just expect smaller portions)

-You can’t take pictures inside arcades,stores, etc.

-Having comfortable shoes is important for all the walking (no, I’m serious!)

-If you a white girl and happen to be dressed(going to school in Japan) with a school uniform people will literally stare at you and make all weird faces.

There a ton more (every minute you learn something new here you didn’t expect).


I’m In Japan!

12 06 2008

Hiya Everyone!
I’m finally in Japanわーい(嬉しい顔)

Other than the fact I got some crazy jet lag (I get sleepy at about 10PM and wake up without wanting too really early in the morning everything else has been amazing!

My friends family has been super kind and nice.
Their house is beautiful and really clean (not sure if all Japanese houses are like this inside but I like it heheh). Overall, I’m really grateful for them letting me stay with them.

Also, KFC doesn’t sell shrimps! Which means I finally found a place where I can eat without worrying about dying hehe.

Note: Japanese keyboards are quite different and all the Shift + whatever are in totally different places hehe (I feel slow typing this haha)

Well later all!