Day 10 – Akihabara

19 06 2008

The first thing I noticed coming out of Akihabara station was the not so typical crowd (after the Akihabara tragedy things have changed a lot in the area, and the signs, posters, and memorials are there to remind you). I spotted an undercover cop asking one of the street/maid girls something.

However, nothing can totally change Akihabara and after a few minutes the maid girls were all over handing out flyers. Sadly, photography is once again not allowed in these places however, Kin here are some pictures of some of them in the place I went. Furthermore, is actually really cheap! The cofee was actually amazing, and so were the waffles! Overall, I can’t say is the coolest place I’ve been, nor super amazing however, it was interesting and different plus I can’t complain as the food was really that good.

Basic Rules:
Do not record/take photos.
Do no touch!
Order at least every one hour.
You can dress up as one of the maids. (As crazy as it sounds, I actually overheard the guys next to me tell the maid he wanted to dress up like her X-X)