Day 11 – Back to Roppongi

21 06 2008

Ok, so I’ve been to roppongi during the day and as some of you may know I didn’t really like it. However, Roppongi at night is a whole other deal! One can say the entire city changes at night. Other than the insane amount of がいじん and the 100’s of Nigerian guys telling you “come come happy hour” or “are you looking for a dance club or a strip club?” the place is quite nice. After going to Outbacks and walking around for 2 hours or so, I ended up going with 4 friends to a dance club. Now, you guys know me, I don’t like drinking however, dancing is a whole other deal. So in less than 10 minutes I was in the main stage hehe. I took a few quick snap shots while I was taking a break (note:keep in mind this club was packed, had the strobe lights going, and had gas clouds all over so I’m amaze they even came out hehe).

Ones on the left were not Japanese (I think they were Brazillian)

Check out white boy getting his groove on!