Day 12 – Honmonji

21 06 2008

Well, after partying last night and coming home super late (or should I say early?) I had a crazy knee pain (I hit myself with something) and today I woke up with pain and limping. However, I wasn’t going to stay inside the house the entire day, but I still didn’t want to wonder too far. Therefore, I went to 本門寺. Being is 10-12 minutes by car from where I’m staying I was able to go to many of the temples in the area (theres like a small temple every 2-3 blocks). Here are some pictures (you can find more about it online or videos if interested as they even had a special today on TV about it).

With a knee pain, these stairs seem endless!



Day 7 – Kamakura

16 06 2008

Today I decided to travel a bit farther and went to Kamakura.
This place is simply outstanding! It looks straight out of a fairy tale.
During this month the special event are these flowers which grow for a certain season so there were huge lines even though it was Monday.

Set of stairs before Temple

Posing before washing my hands


Day 3 – Temple at Ueno

12 06 2008

Everyday commute to the main hub.

Stairs to temple at Ueno.

Entrance to Temple

On another note, things I’ve learned so far.
-People hardly drink water here. When they do, they buy these bottles which are identical to drinks.

-American fast food restaurants here actually taste ten times better (just expect smaller portions)

-You can’t take pictures inside arcades,stores, etc.

-Having comfortable shoes is important for all the walking (no, I’m serious!)

-If you a white girl and happen to be dressed(going to school in Japan) with a school uniform people will literally stare at you and make all weird faces.

There a ton more (every minute you learn something new here you didn’t expect).


Praying Dog

6 06 2008

Conan (left), a two-year-old male Chihuahua joins his hands in prayer beside Buddhist priest Joei Yoshikuni at Jigenin temple in Naha, Okinawa prefecture. The Chihuahua is growing popular as a prayer dog at the Buddhist temple in Okinawa, southernmost island prefecture of Japan.

Credits: Toru Yamanaka/AFP/Getty Images